DMRI developed NOVEX-AMG, a family of proprietary antimicrobial additive systems that can be mixed with solid and liquid polymer host materials. The additive systems have demonstrated greater than 99.999% reduction efficacy against E.coli, salmonella, and listeria to reduce the spread of infectious agents. Readily scalable into conventional polymer systems, NOVEX-AMG provides surfaces with antimicrobial functionality between standard cleanings.


NOVEX-AMG has demonstrated greater than 99.999% pathogen reduction efficacy, significantly greater than competitive products. When used with conventional cleaning protocols, NOVEX-AMG will lead to pathogen reduction on treated surfaces between standard cleaning cycles. In hospitals this will reduce infection rates leading to improved health outcomes and lower patient costs. When used in food processing facilities it will reduce food-borne pathogens which lead to food recalls and their associated costs. Included in water filtration systems, it can sanitize water at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.

Technologies/Special Know-how:

A patent has been issued for incorporating NOVEX-AMG in wax hosts. Patent applications have been filed incorporating NOVEX-AMG in thermoset hosts, polyurethane hosts, liquid hosts and water purification systems, establishing a significant barrier to entry. Unlike competitive products, NOVEX-AMG is dispersed throughout the bulk of the polymer host and is not a surface coating. When used as a liquid cleaner, NOVEX-AMG is uniquely formulated with a plasticizer to bind it to the surface. DMRI is pursuing EPA/FDA/NSF regulatory registrations. The Samaritan Shield Cleaner/Protector ant product with NOVEX-AMZ has been registered with NSF as a Class C1 cleaner.


Liquid cleaners with NOVEX-AMG reduce bacterial contamination on counter tops, floors, walls, etc. NOVEX-AMG can be used in new and renovated construction (floors, walls, and touch surfaces) in schools, hospitals, food processing facilities, restaurant kitchens, athletic facilities, as well as food handling and water sanitization.
NOVEX-AMG can be integrated into printing inks, textiles, wax papers, thermoplastics, floor and wall coverings, sprays and cleaners, and powder coatings, making NOVEX-AMG suitable for a wide range of manufacturing and service industries including construction trades, janitorial services, water purification, food processing, and medical device manufacturing.

Some current customers are developing products that will fight bacteria growth and spread of germs in protective cell phone covers and films, odor reducing garbage bags, epoxy flooring in hospital bathrooms and food processing plants. NOVEX-AMG is environmentally friendly and integrates with environmentally friendly spray cleaners. It is also in water filtration systems to reduce iron bacteria.

More Economical than the Competition:
Metal based competitor-offered antimicrobial additives are typically silver based, while NOVEX-AMG is copper or zinc based which are 80 to 230 times respectively lower cost, so DMRI can provide significant cost savings to our customers.