Our Products
MP900430914-smDMR International is your source for antimicrobial additives for bulk and micro-fibrous plastics. We use pharmaceutical and food grade materials that are integrated with advanced dispersion technology to produce additives for the most commonly used plastics – polyethylene and polypropylene.

pelletsIntegration into existing customer production processes is an aim of the DMRI products. Our additives are concentrates in the form of plastic pellets incorporating active ingredients for ease of let-down. Ideal for micro-fibers, for example.

Promoting Healthy Active Lifestyles

MP900399565-smThe antimicrobial properties make our additives ideal plastic products used in exercise equipment, medical wound care products, sanitary bedding, and air filter elements. Surface disinfectants and sprays are typically used to fight the spread of germs in sports and medical faciliies.

MP900422155-smBacteria and other germs can hide in cracks and crevices and be difficult and sometimes impossible to reach with a typical surface disinfectant or cleanser. By incorporating antimicrobial additives into the plastics that cover the grips, padding, and other components of exercise and medical equipment the bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi can be more thoroughly controlled.

Safer Environment For Family Fun

MP900406838-smEnjoying fun in the sun or relaxing at home with our family or friends is rewarding experience that can be spoiled when a family member catches a cold or worse spreads that cold to other loved ones.

MP900427618-smNo one likes to see a loved one unable to participate in the family fun and games because of a cold or allergy. Plastic products that contain our antimicrobial additives help fight the spread of colds and other bacterial diseases because the additives kill the bacteria, fungi, molds, mildew and other germs.

Safety For Commuters

MP900402564-smIn our fast paced society we cross paths all day long with countless other commuters touching the same handrails on escalators and elevators, grabbing the same door handles, twisting knobs and pushing buttons that have been touched by the others.

MP900216004-smThese surfaces along with the seats and head rests on airplanes, trains, buses, subways, in waiting rooms, and restaurants all get plastered with germs throughout the day. Surface antimicrobial agents are not sufficient in most instances to completely disinfect the surface.

MP900386075-smBy incorporating DMR International, Inc. antimicrobial additives into the plastic production process of these items we use everyday we can more thoroughly combat the spread of bacteria and other germs to help make our environment a safer place.

Child Safety

toysMany of the toys our children play with and share with their friends are made of plastic or have plastic components that ideally would be produced with DMR International antimicrobial additives to thwart the spread of germs and diseases and help prevent cold and allergies.

MP900202023-smSchools, playgrounds, day care centers and even your own home can be safer and more enjoyable for you and your kids. Children constantly come in contact with dirty surfaces by sharing toys playing in sandboxes and on swing sets, slides and play tunnels.

MP900178641-smSummer time produces a lot of traffic through local parks and playgrounds. Park benches, picnic tables, slides and swings are just a few of the things we come in contact with that can harbor bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew.

For Our Future and Yours

classroom220x150A sustainable future is a major concern for everyone these days and it is our main focus. DMR International products are sustainable for global environmental challenges.

Unlike surface applied antimicrobial agents, DMR International products do not “wear out” or wash away and they are completely recyclable.

Sustainable glass button isolated over white backgroundThere are no post production steps required and by the nature of the integration into the plastics, our additives are compatible with all geometries down to micron-scale tolerances and ensure complete coverage even to “hidden” surfaces.

Antimicrobials by nature kill mold, fungi and bacteria, which makes using our additives ideal for eliminating mold, mildew, bacteria and allergens from surfaces we come in contact with day to day.

Our products are ideally suited for construction materials, office equipment, aerospace applications, food and medical supplies, and much more – now and in the future.