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Product brands by DMRI and Strategic Partners


NOVEX-AMG Antimicrobial guard for polymers, textiles, and wax.

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NOVEX-ORA Odor Reducing Agent for air fresheners, fabric freshener, garbage bag odor guard.

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Samaritan OEM Partner brand cleaners, spray, and wipes.

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PurAsure water filtration pellets.

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DMR International, Inc. is a world-wide provider of plastic additives to enable healthy, fun & active lifestyles!

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DMRI Antimicrobial Additives contain advanced dispersion technology along with certified materials that seamlessly integrate into most commonly used plastics. READ MORE

For Our Future and Yours

DMR International products are built on values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We support universal human rights and protect the environment.READ MORE

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DMRI product advantages over competitive surface applied anti-microbial agents:
  • No "wear out"
  • Complete recyclability
  • No changes to current plastic production methods or product engineering required
  • No post-production steps required
  • Complete coverage, even to "hidden"surfaces is assured
  • Compatible with critical geometries, such as products having micron-scale tolerances or dimensions
Antimicrobial Additives For Bulk and Micro-Fibrous Plastics DMRI uses pharmaceutical and food grade materials that are integrated with advanced dispersion technology to produce additives for the most commonly used plastics - polyethylene & polypropylene. DMRI additives are economical solutions for plastic products. DMRI additives are concentrates in the form of plastic pellets which incorporate the active ingredients for ease of let-down into existing customer production processes, e.g., micro-fibers. DMRI products are sustainable anti-microbial solutions for global environmental challenges.


Using Advanced Anti-Microbial Material Some of the students and staff of the College of Engineering University of Illinois at Chicago ( worked with DMRI to design a water filtration system with proper mechanical and purification standards incorporating the DMRI Anti-Microbial material. Continue reading for a summary of their project. The goal of this research is to design a water filtration system with proper mechanical and purification standards incorporating the metallo-organic polymer with anti-microbial properties (DMRI material). There are current technologies that address water purification, however we are the first to incorporate transportation, filtration, and storage of water directed toward Third World countries. We developed a water purification system that eliminates E. Coli using DMRI material. READ MORE